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The Community Transformation Accelerator Program (CTAP) has
been developed as an eco-system where Consumer Goods Companies
and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) can take hands
to nurture mutually beneficial business relationships.

Calling on all Small and Medium-sized Enterprises:

Do you own a butchery; bakery; hair-salon; hardware store, or any other small business selling consumer goods in a township or rural community?

We have good news for you - CTAP wants to help you make your business more profitable.

We do this by:


Through technological enablement with Point of Sale (POS) devices.


Outcome based SAQA training and up-skilling.


Providing SMEs with ongoing business support services. 


Join the CTAP platform where large- and small-scale businesses link up.


Promoting your business within your local community. 


Assisting qualifying SMEs with access to financing.

Bringing you into the 4IR era:

Technology enables you to work on your business instead of working in your business. We help you to have better control of your stock; manage your cash flow, and be more relevant to your customers and their purchase behaviour. There are only two ways to improve the profitability of your business:

  • Reduce your expenditure. Limiting stock losses is one of the key focus areas to curb unnecessary expenditure.

  • Improve your turnover and profit margins. Understanding your consumer market through insight gained from real-time data, allows you to increase your sales and expand on your product offering

Knowledge is Power:

Outcome based SAQA training  and up-skilling, not only for you as the owner of a FMCG SME, but also for your staff members.

The Curriculum for business owners consists of five Unit Standards (US):

  • US 114600 NQF 4 – Apply innovative thinking to the development of a small business.
  • US 263514 NQF 4 – Demonstrate an understanding of the function of the market in a new venture.
  • US 263456 NQF 4 – Plan strategy to improve new venture performance.
  • US 116394 NQF 5 – Implement and manage human resource and labour relations policy and acts.
  • US 13952 NQF 4 – Demonstrate basic understanding of the Primary labour legislation that impacts on a business unit.

The Curriculum for business staff members consists of four Unit Standards (US):

  • US 114903 NQF 2 – Interact with Customers.
  • US 114894 NQF 2 – Process payment at a point of sales.
  • US 114891 NQF 2 – Count stock for a Stock-take.
  • US 258162 NQF 3 – Sell products to Customers in a Wholesale and Retail outlet.

Learn from the proffesionals:

Each participating SME is assigned to a Business Development Facilitator.

They are there to mentor and support the business owners with the implementation of the 4IR technology; facilitate and moderation of the training program; encourage networking opportunities; implement the marketing and sales strategies, and assist with funding & financing applications.

Link up with large business:

The eco-system developed by CTAP, and its strategic partners created a networking platform between large- and small-scale businesses to support procurement, distribution, professional services as well as all other business-to-business activities.

GrowSA, as a strategic partner, links the participating SMEs to Chambers of Commerce and various business forums throughout South Africa.

Market like a pro:

Launching the “Buy Local” marketing campaign as well as other advertising initiatives to promote both participating Brands as well as the FMCG SME outlets on localised media platforms.

SMEs will be able to advertise on local television and radio stations through the “Buy Local” marketing campaigns at competitive and affordable rates.

Online promotions as well as targeted sales campaigns through the loyalty program, will strengthen the campaign and encourage consumer loyalty.  

Funding and Finance:

Should you require capital for expansion purposes or simply to buy stock in bulk, our Business Development Facilitators will assist you through the process of acquiring the capital you need.

Various routes can be followed, such as applying for grants, funding from corporates, collective co-op schemes supporting bulk buying and backed by specific brands; conventional financing, and business funding incentives.

The role of the Business Development facilitators is to ensure the most cost-efficient and affordable process was followed.

Should you wish to participate in the program so CTAP can help you to make your business more profitable, please complete the form:

FMCG SME Application Form:

What is in it for Consumer Goods Companies?

CTAP offers participating corporates the opportunity to benefit from this growing eco-system not only from the data gained, but also from the campaigns developed and promoted on localised media platforms.

Current size of the eco-system:

in monthly sales
R 0 B
shopping events per month
0 M
products measured per month
0 M
peak transactions per second
digital promos per month

A Win-Win Opportunity

    • An opportunity to enhance delivery and impact of your products/services/plans;


    • Leverage valuable customer insights from the 750 000 and growing membership base of the Loyalty Club;


    • Utilise access from this growing eco-system to gain consumer insight that drives business strategy through data-driven marketing;


  • Favourable brand positioning being relevant to the clientele of FMCG SMEs; Growing consumer loyalty by supporting the socio-economic development of communities.

Please complete the form, and we will contact you:

Networking Partners:

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